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Aerial mapping refers to the creation of high-detail, high-quality photomaps and the scaled geographical representation of information based on spatial relationships. Unlike helicopters, planes and other manned aerial vehicles, UAV drones can fly lower to the ground and are remotely operated, making them ideal for aerial mapping services. At FulcrumAir, we utilize the most advanced equipment, engineered in-house, and high-quality tech, including LiDAR, thermal, RGB, hyperspectral and corona sensors, digital cameras, and photogrammetry software. Specializing in both 2D and 3D mapping, FulcrumAir provides aerial mapping services and detailed modelling across a range of industries, including powerline transmission, infrastructure construction, facility inspection, and environmental.

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Benefits Of Our Aerial
Mapping Services

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Make Informed Decisions
Based on Accurate Data

At FulcrumAir, we remain ‘Always Above’ by utilizing industry-leading technology to produce the most detailed and high-resolution images for creating aerial maps. Better image outputs lead to greater accuracy of geographical and spatial elements, including forests, roads, and water. Aerial drones obtain detailed information quickly and easily.

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Safety of Team Members

The alternatives to aerial mapping via drone include taking manual field measurements or using planes and helicopters to obtain the data. Helicopters require trained personnel to pilot the craft and cannot be used in certain conditions, whereas drones are operated safely from the ground with low-light and weather-proof functionality.

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Reduce the Costs of Using
Helicopters and Planes

Helicopters and planes are expensive and costly to operate, not to mention they require hiring and employing trained personnel. Working with FulcrumAir and utilizing mapping drones can save you money on aerial mapping services. Achieve new perspectives and collect more data than without the high overhead.

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Plans for a new powerline are underway, requiring certain data for reference during construction through to inspection and maintenance. The powerline crosses a span of several kilometres, and the terrain of the land is largely unknown.


Ground surveying such a long stretch would be time-consuming and leave room for errors. Aerial surveying is the best option, but helicopters are dangerous and expensive. Project deadlines and budgets require a more timely and cost-effective solution.
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One of our mapping drone’s best features is the corridor mapping feature that enables fast, efficient, and accurate coverage of long, narrow stretches. Corridor mapping is useful for constructing and inspecting roads, railways, pipelines, waterways, and especially mapping and modelling powerlines. When it comes to power transmission, FulcrumAir has all the answers. We are Canada’s top supplier of aerial robotics, including the proprietary LineFly, a bird flight diverter installer designed and engineered by our in-house team of geniuses. When it comes to powerline protection, construction, and inspection, FulcrumAir is ‘Always Above.’

How We Perform Aerial Surveys



Photogrammetry software weaves images together to compose accurate and detailed 2D orthomosaics and 3D models. This data is stored and can be referenced at any point throughout a project’s lifecycle.
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At FulcrumAir, we utilize high-resolution LiDAR sensors attached to our UAV mapping drone to produce data measurements. The colourized point clouds provide accurate measurements of distances, surfaces, elevations and volumes.
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E2500 series

E2500 series

The E2500 series drone is our proprietary mapping drone. Equipped with specialty sensors, the E2500 is ideal for aerial mapping, whether you’re planning out a future construction site or corridor mapping.
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