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At FulcrumAir, we believe that to always be above requires taking an innovative approach to basic tasks. We combine our knowledge and experience with the expertise of professionals in other industries. When it comes to bird nest surveys, we work closely with biologists and ornithologists to detect, locate, and analyze active bird nests. Bird nest surveys are a vital aspect of forestry drone services, and without an aerial view, biologists must perform surveys on foot. We are proud to present a more efficient, safe, and innovative solution.

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The Importance of
Bird Nest Surveys

Drone for Environmental Monitoring

Protect the Habitats of Endangered Birds

It is the responsibility of governments, corporations, and individuals to help maintain the natural environment and promote healthy biological diversity. Performing bird nest surveys before clearing vegetation for any purpose ensures the safety and protection of endangered species of birds.

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Maintain Compliance to Government Regulations

Most provincial and state legislatures include regulations around vegetation clearing for the protection of native nesting birds. While the exact regulations vary from place to place, local jurisdictions may prohibit taking or destroying birds, nests, and eggs. Bird nest surveys are performed to monitor the existence and occupation of nests to ensure their protection.

Drone for Environmental Monitoring

Improve the Safety & Efficiency of Your Team

Rather than sending a team into the field on foot to perform breeding bird surveys, a thermal sensor mounted to our mapping drone can get the job done in a fraction of the time and with fewer risks to health and safety. Maximize your team’s efficiency with FulcrumAir.

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The building of a new pipeline requires clearing a corridor through a densely forested area. Local legislation dictates migratory bird nest surveys must be completed prior to construction, and nests must be avoided or relocated.


Completing the survey through traditional methods, including mirror poles and manual sweeping is particularly tedious and time-consuming. When there are project deadlines to be met, a better and more efficient solution is necessary to speed up the process.
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Working with trained and experienced biologists, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment to perform accurate and efficient aerial bird nest surveys. Our drones are capable of rapid mobilization to get eyes in the air faster. We use thermal sensors and digital cameras to collect photographs, nest types and size, number of eggs, and GPS location data with a high degree of accuracy. This data can also be added to a database for future planning and decision-making purposes. Our aerial nesting bird surveys ensure very low impact on identified nesting areas.

How We Perform Bird Nest Surveys



Photogrammetry software produces 2D orthorectified maps, 3D models, and true colour point clouds. This data offers a high degree of horizontal and vertical accuracy to determine the precise location of bird nests within a large span of grasslands and forested land.
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High-tech thermal sensors are ideal for capturing the heat signatures of nesting birds and nests to verify their existence and determine their approximate location. Aerial thermal detection is more efficient and cost-effective than manual surveying.
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E2500 series

E2500 series

The E2500 series drone is our proprietary mapping drone. Equipped with thermal sensing technology, the mapping drone is sleek, rugged, and versatile — ideal for traversing the skies above grasslands, forested areas, cliffs, slopes, and valleys.
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