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When we speak of ‘Always Above’, we’re referring to the use of RPAs to gather the best overhead images and data on a facility. Oil and gas, utilities, construction, and communications are a few of many industries that rely on frequent facility inspections to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their equipment. FulcrumAir’s RPAs carry the most advanced sensors, such as LiDAR, RGB, and thermal, for long periods of time to capture all the data required. Our E2500 series is the ideal drone for facility inspections. We can fly with absolute precision to provide the most accurate geospatial data.

Utilizing Drones For Facility Inspections

commercial drone services

Capture high-quality images in less time

We recognize the importance of quality and accuracy in obtaining precise measurements. With an overarching view of the facility, drones can collect quality imaging in a fraction of the time.

aerial mapping services

Save time through automated change detection

We capture, store, and analyze large quantities of data, such as LiDAR images and videos. Over time, recorded data can enable machine learning software and automated change detection.

commercial drone services

Ensure precision, accuracy, and efficiency

We utilize multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS positioning technology and direct georeferencing surveying techniques to provide geospatial data to accuracies better than 5cm RMSE.

Drone Applications
For Facility Inspection

Cutting-Edge Solutions

E2500 Series

As our top mapping UAV, the E2500 is the best drone for facility inspections. Equipped with LiDAR, RGB cameras, and thermal sensors, the E2500 can collect data rapidly, allowing building inspectors to perform complete checks from the ground. Our UAV mapping drone eliminates the need for heavy machinery and other equipment.



Cutting-edge LiDAR sensors are attached to our industry-leading E2500 series drone. LiDAR and RGB data combined is analyzed to generate colourized point clouds, used to obtain precise measurements.
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Thermal cameras attached to our UAV mapping drone are used to detect hot spots around the facility, such as leaks and corrosion. Our thermal cameras are highly accurate, particularly helpful in catching issues early on to avoid future problems.
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Photogrammetry software utilizes overlapping images to create 2D or 3D models that include facility measurements. These reconstructions can be especially useful for construction professionals and building inspectors if the facility requires specific work or repairs.
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