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forestry drone services

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To be ‘Always Above,’ you need access to new technologies and tools to tackle your industry’s most important tasks. Forestry experts rely on the ease and efficiency of forestry drone services to ensure more seamless operations. Our technology is applicable for inventory management, tree planting, watercourse management, road building, and more. Our state-of-the-art mapping drones equipped with high-tech LiDAR and RGB sensors help generate the data you need to make the right and best decisions for our forests.

Take Advantage of
Forestry Drone Services

forestry drone services

Ensure the safety of in-field personnel

Whether you send team members into the field on foot, in a vehicle, or a helicopter, their safety is compromised. Your team’s abilities are better utilized reviewing precise information to make better decisions on asset management rather than collecting it.

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Spend less time on data acquisition

Historically, sending team members into the woods has been not only dangerous but also incredibly time-consuming. Our drones are equipped with everything you need to generate clear and measurable data quickly and safely.

forestry drone services

Maximize ROIs with optimized efficiency

Less time spent in the field on data acquisition means more time spent doing more important things. Investing in forestry drone services offers easier access to data and results in more streamlined processes for the entire team.

Forestry Drone Services By & Applications

Vegetation Mapping

Looking to the Future
With Forsite

We’re proud to partner with Forsite, a company unrivalled in the diversity and depth of forestry knowledge and skills they offer. Together, we’re improving forestry management with the use of proprietary drones only from FulcrumAir.

We’ve Got What It Takes To Transform Your Industry

E7500 Series

Our E7500 series drone is the pick-up of the skies. The perfect tool for tree seedling delivery and other heavy-lift applications, this tireless machine can operate all day, providing crews with ready access to the things that keep them productive and profitable. The E7500 is the ideal drone for forestry management.

E2500 Series

The E2500 series drone is up for almost any job. As our top mapping UAV, the E2500 is the best drone for forestry surveillance and aerial inspection. Equipped with LiDAR, RGB cameras, and thermal sensors, this drone is ideal for performing volume estimates, lumber footage estimates, vegetation analysis, and more.



LiDAR/RGB sensors mounted to industry-leading mapping drones are used for cut blocks, biomass determination or wood processing facility inspections. The collected data informs various operations such as stand planning, mill inputs, and harvest table estimates.
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Thermal sensing is changing the landscape of forestry management. This high-quality thermal imaging lends itself to be more efficient and economical in the health and safety monitoring of forest inhabitants.
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Photogrammetry software utilizes overlapping images to create 2D or 3D models that contain information regarding elevation/height, texture, shape, and colour. These reconstructions can be especially useful for bare earth analysis such as cut/fill volumes.
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