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The transmission and distribution industry is critical infrastructure, and it is huge. It is responsible for the delivery of electric power no matter the generation source, solar, gas, oil, wind or otherwise to commercial, private and industrial users. FulcrumAir plays a role in two specific areas, utilizing the E7500 to lift heavy tools up to the transmission line, including our patent pending LineFly, and deploying the E2500 and its sensors to map and assist in the management of the right of way and the equipment it contains.


Fulcrum Air - drone powerline inspection
Fulcrum Air - dones for forestry


Forestry and the management of forests is a complex subject; the use of FulcrumAir’s technologies and tools enhance a forester’s ability to address a broad range of concerns, including: inventory management, tree planting, species identification, wildlife habitat, water quality management, recreation demands, landscape and community protection, employment, watershed management, erosion control, and preserving forests as “sinks” for atmospheric carbon dioxide.



The utilization of RPAS technology to collect, analyze, and identify deficiencies and areas for improvement in major industrial facilities has never been easier. FulcrumAir specialize in the acquisition of thermal, LiDAR and RGB data and ultimately the presentation of this data in a format for decision making and planinng. Output can include orthophotography updates, temperature anomalies detected, corridor mapping, asset inventory, facilities management, terrain modeling, 3D building design models and more.


Fulcrum Air - drone for infrastructure inspection


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