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You can always see more from above. Drones not only cover more ground in less time but are useful throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. Utilizing drones for infrastructure inspections and construction projects can include anything from site surveying, elevation modelling and measuring cut and fill volumes to continual progress monitoring, structural inspections, cut/fill analysis, and as-built surveys. Drone imagery can also improve transparency with stakeholders.

Utilizing Drones For Infrastructure Inspections

drone powerline inspection

Save time on manual inspections

Compared to manual inspections on the ground, drone inspections provide comprehensive data of the site within a few hours, saving precious time in an often time-crunched industry.

drone powerline inspection

Access advanced imaging technology

The advanced images produced by our LiDAR, RGB, and thermal sensors include all of the data needed to make informed decisions about the site with more clear and accurate measurements.

drone powerline inspection

Gain more control over your operations

Rather than worrying about missing data points, UAV infrastructure inspections are comprehensive. We collect, store, and process the images for you to reference at any time.

drone powerline inspection

Eliminate safety risks to personnel

Drones can access places that are difficult to reach without putting human lives in danger. Instead of climbing electric poles, manning dangerous machinery, and setting up surveying equipment along a busy highway, UAVs are operated from the ground with no risks.

Drone Applications
in Infrastructure

Revolutionary Equipment & Drones For Infrastructure Inspections

E2500 Series

Our E2500 series is the best drone for infrastructure inspections with a cruising speed of 80 km/h with a maximum payload of 5kg. The E2500 can go where no drone has gone before and reach areas that are unaccessible by man. Our commercial drone services are ideal for covering more surface area in a fraction of the time.



LiDAR and RGB sensors capture individual images that are geotagged and can be used for corridor mapping of long stretches, such as roads, railways, and rows of vegetation. The accuracy of LiDAR point clouds ensures precision for the entire project.
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Thermal cameras are attached to the E2500 drone during infrastructure and construction inspections. The high-quality thermal imaging provides additional data regarding site qualities and can be used to detect issues such as leaks.
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Our photogrammetry software combines the images from RGB cameras to generate 2D maps and 3D models of the construction area, such as digital terrain models (DTMs) and digital surface models (DSMs).
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