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The power transmission grid is extremely complex. There are more than 500,000 kilometres of high-voltage transmission lines and millions of kilometres of low-voltage lines within North America alone, connecting electrical power plants to homes and businesses. The power grid is ever-evolving, but we are at the forefront of change with unique solutions. At FulcrumAir, we remain ‘Always Above’ by introducing innovative and time-saving aerial robotics and commercial drone services. We currently offer autonomous bird flight diverter installations and drone powerline inspections to enhance safety and provide effective data and solutions to help our customers manage their projects and assets.

the LineFly

commercial drone services

Save time on manual installations

The LineFly is the world’s most efficient method for installing bird flight diverters, installing 24 precisely placed line markers in only 3 minutes. Save time with the LineFly, only from FulcrumAir.

commercial drone services

Ensure the safety of employees

Manual installations of bird flight diverters have historically been completed via helicopter. This method is not only time consuming but also dangerous. The LineFly system places line markers at no risk to human safety.

drone powerline inspection

Offer more agile capabilities

Utilizing drones and aerial robotics for all of your powerline inspection needs allows for more versatile and rugged capabilities and applications. Accomplish more with FulcrumAir.

Powerline Robotics & Drone Applications

Heavy-Duty Equipment For Drone Powerline Inspections & Bird Flight Diverter Installations

E7500 Series

The E7500 series drone is our robust heavy-lift drone, optimized for short to medium flights carrying heavy payloads. Powerful enough to lift the LineFly robot, the E7500 effectively replaces helicopters for bird flight diverter installations. It’s the perfect machine for all heavy-duty applications.

Bucket Truck Lifting

Drones may not be necessary or practical for every job. When installing bird flight diverters near aerodromes, in urban environments, or on busy stretches of roads, a bucket truck can lift the LineFly to the wire. This process allows us to complete installs in flight-restricted locations, still eliminating the need for helicopters and reducing safety-risks to linemen without the additional cost of a drone.


The LineFly is FulcrumAir’s proprietary device for installing bird flight diverters. We’ve perfected the engineering and manufacturing of the LineFly to be the world’s safest and most efficient method for installing bird flight diverters. It can install 24 precisely spaced (±5cm) line markers in 3 minutes with no lives put at risk.

E2500 Series

The E2500 series is the best drone for powerline inspections. Drone powerline inspections reduce time spent by in-field data collectors and produce more accurate and reliable information. Equipped with LiDAR, RGB, and thermal cameras, there’s almost nothing the E2500 cannot do.



LiDAR and RGB data can be used to classify and model the wires and towers of a transmission line. They can also assist with vegetation management and possible encroachment on power lines.
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Thermal cameras can be used to look for watercourses, birds, nests and wildlife. The data can also be used for facility inspections to detect thermal leaks and spot inefficiencies or potential problems.
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