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7500 SERIES*

The FulcrumAir E7500 is a heavy lift, Coaxial Helicopter style, battery powered RPAS that has been optimized for short to medium haul flights while carrying slung payloads up to 50kg in weight. It provides exceptional precision position holding capabilities while hovering, even in gusting winds, which allows for precise payload placement.


Fulcrum Air - heavy lift drones - 7500 series
Fulcrum Air - lidar mapping


The E2500 UAV Series targets remote sensing industrial work and has been designed to enhance the endurance and carrying capacity of jobs involving remote sensing and camera equipment, including: LiDAR, infrared, and heavier photography and videography systems.



The Line Fly is an innovative robot that is slung onto the shield wire of a powerline with the E7500 and can install up to 24 Line Markers at a time. This eliminates the need for a manned helicopter and greatly improves the efficiency and safety of marking power lines.


Fulcrum Air - drone powerline inspection
Fulcrum Air - thermal mapping


FulcrumAir has multiple sensors ready to go and mounted on one of our E2500 drones. A FLIR thermal camera paired with a 20MP RGB camera is used for thermal/RGB inspection and mapping. A GeoCue TrueView 410, with Quanergy M8 and 2x 20MP RGB cameras is used for the LiDAR mapping operations. We can mount many different sensors to our E2500 drone as we can manufacture a custom mount and seamlessly integrate the electronics and software.


Carbon Footprint (estimated)

Jet Ranger helicopter 287kg/h of CO2   Fulcrum E7500 UAV 7.7kg/h of CO2
2019 F150 pick up truck 25kg/h of CO2   Fulcrum E2500 UAV 1.0kg/h of CO2