Fulcrum Air - heavy lift drones

2500 Series


The E2500 UAV Series targets remote sensing industrial work and has been designed to enhance the endurance and carrying capacity of jobs involving remote sensing and camera equipment, including: LiDAR, infrared, and heavier photography and videography systems.

The E2500 series excels in all aspects of performance, including higher top and cruise speeds, longer flight times, heavier lift capacity, and increased maneuverability compared to UAVs in its weight class. The performance characteristics and range of the UAV make it an ideal platform for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) missions.

The E2500 is perfectly suited to carrying heavier sensing equipment that supports: aerial photography, thermal fire mapping, search and rescue, mining and forestry mapping, infrastructure mapping, herd detection and surveying, crop inspections, mapping, and more.

ConfigurationCoaxial Helicopter
Weight of Machine5kg (empty), 8.5kg (incl. batteries)
Maximum Payload5kg
Top Speed120km/h
Cruise Speed80km/h
Power SystemBatteries
Max Endurance 
Full Load18 minutes
No Load40 minutes
Fulcrum Air - heavy lift drones - 2500 series


Colorized pointcloud which leads to contours feature classification and extraction including, bare earth models, watercourses, volumes, heights, measurements and other metrics.


Colorized pointcloud which leads to contours, bare earth, watercourses, volumes, heights etc.


Vegetation species ID, detection of specific elements or objects

RGB Still

Photogrammetric pointclouds which generates DTMs, volumes and orthophotos

Medium Format

High resolution imagery for mapping and photogrammetry


Facility and infrastructure inspection, orthophotos, wildlife surveys, watercourse detection, hotspot mapping

Corona Camera

Detecting electrical discharge from damaged or failed electrical components

RGB Video

Facility and infrastructure inspection

360° camera

For inspections and viewing facilities at a certain point in time from multiple angles



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