Fulcrum Air - heavy lift drones



The FulcrumAir E7500 is a heavy lift, Coaxial Helicopter style, battery powered RPAS that has been optimized for short to medium haul flights while carrying slung payloads up to 50kg in weight. Its exceptional thrust to weight ratio of 2.8 is made possible with the use of two 15kW brushless DC motors with forced cooling and a lightweight synchronous belt transmission system, as well as eliminating the use of cyclic pitch for altitude control. Altitude control is furnished with a quadrotor-style cluster of horizontally thrusting control motors and propellers, which in addition to pitch and roll control, provide near-instantaneous lateral and longitudinal force as required, resulting in exceptional position holding capability. The use of flapping hinges and high tensile steel and aluminum components in the rotor heads allows for main rotor tip speeds in excess of Mach 0.5, which provides a generous thrust overhead, even in hot and high conditions.

 E7500 VariantH7500 Variant
(Under Development)
ConfigurationCoaxial HelicopterCoaxial Helicopter
Weight of Machine40kg40kg (dry)
Maximum Payload (slung)50kg50kg
Power SystemBatteriesGasoline Hybrid
Max Endurance  
Full Load12 minutes45 minutes
No Load32 minutes2+ hours
Fulcrum Air - heavy lift drones - 7500 series


The Pick – Up of the Skies. The E7500 has unlimited possible applications, some include:

Lifting tools & other equipment

up to power generation and transmission facilities, including wind turbines, transmission and distribution lines, MET and communication towers

Firefighting Tools

slinging pumps and hoses to assist in firefighting efforts

Replacement of helicopters

for shorter hauls and light cargo work. For example, running tools and fittings to off shore drilling rigs or mine sites

Emergency and disaster relief

of remote delivery of supplies to affected regions or isolated populations



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