The Future

Leading The Way

We envision a future where the talented and intelligent people working in a high wire environment have their feet firmly planted on the ground – controlling much of the work with computers, joy sticks and touch screens. This is no different than what is happening in many industries, where repetitive and dangerous work is being automated. Existing industry practices are inherently dangerous and put talented and hardworking individuals in harms way, but the transition to safer work methods has begun. This will take time, as people are retrained and equipment developed, but this change is happening and FulcrumAir is leading the way.


The Grid


Capacity & Growing Load

The U.S. electrical grid is the largest interconnected machine on Earth. In 2018 alone, electricity consumption in North America grew by 48% from 3,471 TWh in 1990 to 5,150 TWh. Demand continues to accelerate rapidly.



The U.S. electrical grid is one of the oldest and most outdated in the world, in need of major repairs, maintenance, reconfiguration and expansion. Seventy percent of the US electrical grid was built between WW2 and 1975.



As the power grid continues to deteriorate, substantial portions of it must be reconfigured to connect to new solar and wind sources of power generation and to service shifting populations.