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Meet the Pickup of the SKies

Planting new trees is an important part of proper forestry management. Tree seedlings have been historically moved to a central cache via truck or helicopter. These boxes of seedlings are then transferred to where they are needed by ATV or on foot. These processes can be both time-consuming and dangerous. At FulcrumAir, we utilize the proprietary E7500 heavy lift drone, a machine dubbed ‘the pickup of the skies,’ to provide a more efficient solution for tree seedling delivery. The E7500 carries the seedling boxes to the particular area the planters are working, including remote and potentially treacherous forested areas, in a fraction of the time.

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Using Drones For
Tree Seedling Delivery

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Increase Tree Populations
and Encourage Growth

Planting new trees is an important aspect of conservation and caring for the planet, not to mention, we need trees to survive. Planting new trees encourages healthy ecosystems, enhances diversity, and helps to rebuild tree populations following a disaster, such as a forest fire.

Drone for Environmental Monitoring

Deliver More Than
Tree Seedlings

We’re proud of our E7500 drone as one of the only devices capable of carrying tree seedlings. And, with a maximum payload of 60kg, the E7500 can do more than deliver seedlings. You can count on our drone to drop-off tools, equipment, and even your lunch to the planting location.

Drone for Environmental Monitoring

Save Time and Money
and Improve Safety

When tree planters have to wait for seedling boxes to be delivered via pickup truck or ATV, the process is slowed. Drones are not only a more efficient and cost-effective method for delivering tree seedlings, but by eliminating the use of a helicopter, they are also much safer.

Real Challenges.
Real Solutions.


A forest fire has taken out a large section of trees in a remote mountainous area. It is determined that human intervention may benefit the affected area. A team is tasked with planting several new trees to revitalize the ecosystem.


The area is remote and only accessible by foot. The team must trek from a truck to the designated area for planting. Carrying the seedling boxes, not to mention the tools needed for replanting, is labour-intensive and time-consuming.
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The solution is simple. Drones can be remotely controlled with a high degree of accuracy to deliver the seedlings to the precise planting location, eliminating the gruelling work of transporting the seedling by foot. The E7500 heavy-lift drone, only from FulcrumAir, can also deliver other essential items, including shovels, hoes, dibble bars, and even larger equipment. Utilizing drones for tree seedling delivery reduces the time spent trekking back and forth through dense vegetation and over rugged terrain.

How We Deliver Tree Seedlings

E7500 series

E7500 series

Our proprietary E7500 is a heavy lift, coaxial helicopter-style, battery-powered UAV that has been optimized for short to medium haul flights while carrying slung payloads up to 60kg in weight. The E7500 is rugged and robust enough to perform tree seedling deliveries, transport tools and equipment, and other forestry drone services, including firefighting.
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