Protecting Birds. Protecting People.

Robotic Installation
of BFDs

Bird Mitigation

An estimated 57 million birds are killed each year in the United States from collisions with powerlines. Bird flight diverters are devices designed to deter birds from striking powerlines while in flight. While bird flight diverters are effective at increasing visibility and preventing collisions, the installation is dangerous. Attaching diverters to powerlines typically involves linemen hanging out of a helicopter and attaching the devices one at a time. The engineers at FulcrumAir recognized the safety concerns of this approach and developed an ideal alternative. The LineFly™ is the first in FulcrumAir’s suite of aerial robotics. A fully autonomous robot, the LineFly™ installs Power Line Sentry Hawk Eye™ bird flight diverters quickly, safely, and efficiently. There’s never been a better solution.

Efficient Installation

The LineFly™ is the world’s safest and most efficient method for installing bird flight diverters, with the capability to place up to 24 diverters automatically and precisely within minutes.

Energized Lines

The LineFly’s™ can operate on OPGW or shield wires while the transmission lines are  energized, or directly on energized distribution conductors.  

Powerline Protection

In addition to promoting the safety of migratory birds, bird flight diverters also protect powerlines from the damage caused by bird collisions.


No Helicopter or Bucket Trucks Needed

With no helicopter or bucket truck required, the LineFly™ contributes to safety and environmental efforts by reducing carbon output, protecting the right away, and limiting close-contact for workers.


See the LineFly™ in Action

“Power Line Sentry Bird Flight Diverters have a unique design that provides visibility in low light and from all angles, which is the most important aspect for reducing avian power line collisions"
Nikki Heck, Berkshire Hathaway Energy
Wildlife Biologist & Environmental Advisor

Installation Methods



Our drones are designed for a single purpose, to sling robotic tools to conduct overhead work.  They carry our robots long distances to precision place them on an overhead wire. The E7500™ and E2500HP™ completely replace the helicopters, linemen, and bucket trucks in conducting the most dangerous aspects of overhead work, letting machines do the most precarious and dangerous work while operators remain safely on the ground. The E7500™ is paired with the LineFly™ and the E2500HP™ with the Mini LineFly™, and all equipment is moved to the project site in fully outfitted Mobile Command Centers containing all necessary equipment to do the job.


Bucket Trucks

In locations where we are prohibited to fly due to regulatory limitations, a bucket truck lifts the LineFly™’s onto the wire. This process allows us to complete installs in flight-restricted locations, still eliminating the need for helicopters and reducing safety-risks to linemen.